Mes Cheveux et salut!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I haven't cut my hair in one year. This is mostly because I have an affinity for short hair, and I knew if I kept "getting trims" it wouldn't ever grow. This time last year I was going to Paris to visit, and I got my hair cut at Jean-Louise David hair school for 8 euros. They pretty much chose my hair cut out of about 5 choices. I wanted it to be longer, but they thought a short coupe de coupe would be tres bien. I let them- short hair and I are old friends anyway. 

Now I am a year hair longer (and hopefully wiser.) So what should I do? Above are the options I have. 
1) Get shorter bangs, and leave the rest
2) Get a hair melt.. one that is more natural. (But aren't hair melts getting a bit tired-looking?)
3) Get just a trim and let it grow
4. Or get regular bangs

I suppose hair is hair.. and it doesn't really truly matter.

This is my new blog. I will be dedicating it's contents to a lot of my illustration work, and daily life activities. It will be an illustrated journal of sorts for your plasir. 

MERCI and enjoy :)


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