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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today is the last day to order my collab with Mochi Kids I Stand With You t-shirt. These come in t-shirts, baby onesies, and kid's t-shirts. Hand-screen printed, and packaged with care. All profits go to Refuge Point​, a non-profit who help refugees worldwide relocate to new, safe homes. 
Wear the love. 
Order here.

It's Le Chat.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's been an insane few months. I've been working for Anthropologie and I've never designed so many products/seasons all at once!! You'll begin to see some of them coming to stores in the summer-- stay tuned! 

A word to the wise. Always buy your domain name for an infinite amount of years. Unfortunately, due to a series of miscommunications with my previous registrant.. I wasn't informed that my website was expiring. It then expired a few weeks ago, and was put back in the public pool, and some domain shark picked it up and now won't part with it until I pay him $2500. 

Good thing I bought all of the other michellechristensen domains, so I have my pick of .org, .us, .co, .rocks... (lol) --- but I just won't have .com *insert sad face*

The frustrating thing is, I had bought it privately from someone who owned it before, and I was under the impression I owned it for good. 

Not so anymore. I  involved my lawyer-uncle, and although it was the registrant's duty to inform me, they claim they sent numerous invoices (which they did not.. I scoured my spam/junk/inbox dozens of times)

So maybe in 10 years or so, that domain shark will be put in jail for doing some other crooked dealings, and my poor website domain name will be set free once more. 

All I'm saying is.. if you are going to be a professional in any industry and want a certain name.. make sure you remind yourself and don't rely on your domain registry. They aren't the most honest people, and there ARE people who wait until domain names expire and steal them just to make a profit from the person they stole them from.



First Trump doesn't allow notable media into the White House briefings, and NOW THIS.

(No but seriously both are so scary)

That's all for now. Also, this drawing along with others will be in my etsy shop soon.
 I'm into quick ink studies and they are fun to frame and decorate your house with.

OH and my new domain name is

So please! Visit it! :)


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