Saturday, October 13, 2018

As always, Halloween season has me very excited . It's a strange holiday, where we dress up in scary outfits and go around collecting candy. But having lived in places, like England, China, and South Africa, where they don't celebrate Halloween as much, it makes me appreciate places that really do it well. In Philadelphia, everyone in my neighborhood had these amazing flower boxes on their brownstones that they would fill to the brim with Halloween inspired foliage and paraphernalia. When I lived in Beijing, my housing complex there had trick or treating, and you could buy costumes at the markets (because duh most of the ones in the USA are made in China!). In South Africa, my mom took us to pick out costumes at this old theater, and then we trick or treated at the embassy. In London, we spent Halloween at a pub with some friends.

However you spend Halloween this year, I hope you enjoy it with lots of candy and costumes and scary stories. I drew this for a Halloween poster, and I hope you can tell how much fun I had with it.

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