Hands On- Granary Row!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tonight My Little Belleville will be featured at Granary Row along with several others: Desarae Lee, The Land of Salt, Steampunk Bijoux, Lars Love Letters, Sorry Clementine, and many more. Downtown Salt Lake- 300 W. 700 S. 6-11PM. There will be music all night long as well as food. It will just be a fun night out. Come stroll and enjoy some handmade goods. Also- if you regram the above pic with #granaryhandmade- you could be put in a drawing to win $100 to spend at the market tonight!! Who doesn't want free money?


Monday, September 16, 2013


Grimes is doing it for me these past few days. I love her creativity and versatility. This video reminds me of Japanese anime. Supposedly she was very inspired by comic books and Tarantino- who also bases a lot of his films on anime and Japanese cinematic expression. The pink-haired girl is this friend of Grimes, who is supposedly a really dynamic person. The type of person, Grimes said, you are kind of afraid of, but you still like being around.


Chicago was also a grand success. We made some really wonderful connections, including these guys from Munie. Jeff and Louisa Munie were a delight to get to know. Check them out. Their bags will amaze you. Handmade and beautifully designed.

Hello Chicago!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So my day is a bit busy putting everything together for above event. Renegade- a curated selection of modern makers, creators, movers and shakers held nationally and internationally (there is even one in London) full of crafters, artists, and creatives. I feel pretty honored to be in it this year- especially since I applied on a whim and didn't even think I'd get in. This is one of Renegade's biggest markets too. It will be along Wicker Park, and there will be so many beautiful things to see and buy and creativity galore!... I can't even wait.

So come on down this weekend if you'll be in Chicago. Saturday-Sunday 11AM-7PM. I know it's going to be fabulous.

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