Croatia & Italy- A Summary in Pictures

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our flight began on a Thursday morning- early. We flew from SLC-Chicago-Toronto-Buffalo-Toronto- Rome-Trieste. Then we took a taxi to the port. Then we got to our boat.We had to stay the night in Toronto because we missed our flight to Munich, and then had to re-route through Rome so we wouldn't miss our boat.

We were exhausted. But happy to have made it- ten minutes shy of when we were meant to set sail. Our cruise took us around the Croatian isles all week long. We stopped and swam for hours every day, jumped from the top of our boat into the turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic. We found seashells and collected pumice. We avoided sea urchins and nudists (which were everywhere). And we ate gelato, saw ruins, and old towns, and ate pizza almost every day. Croatian cuisine is, surprisingly, similar to Italian. They are quite close to each other so it makes some sense. It was delicious.

We stopped at a port in Zadar, where we sat and watched a sailboat pass in front of a setting sun, while hearing the man-made ethereal sounds of an underwater sea-organ, as the waves passed in and out of the different notes in the sea. (it was supposedly deemed one of the most romantic spots in the world by National Geographic! Who knew?)

Brandon and I ducked through small alleyways of medieval cities, and explored the long rock pathways through islands which looked like Where The Wild Things Are, with strange bark-like mulch in heaps all around the sparse beaches. People with families laid on the beaches, we biked and walked through these little towns. We slept on the boat. We sang in an echoing cathedral. It was magical.

We stayed in Italy for a few days- Venice for one day where we saw a Manet exhibit. (Inspiring to say the least.) Brandon and I ate our dinner in a little alleyway with a dog and a couple who kept looking at us and a waitress who couldn't have cared less. We squished 6 of our adult selves into a tiny car for hours and got lost at least three times to find our converted stable inn. Our inn-keeper looked like Christoph Waltz, only with a cane and significantly less charisma- though still had an air of quiet dignity as he practiced his French with my mother and I over tea.

We walked the cobble-stone streets of Padova, and listened to a secret concert being played in a small courtyard there. We took a train to Monfalcone, and a dishonest train conductor threatened us with a fine for not stamping our ticket at the last stop (WHO KNEW?) We got out of it when he realized we had no money with us. We slept in an apartment over looking an old bell-tower, and heard it ring for morning mass. We met a young girl who wanted to become a comedian and juggled on the streets at night for extra cash.

As we got onto our first of 4 different flights back to Salt Lake- we said good-bye to the patchwork quilted country of Italy, and reflected on the unreal journey through those countries of real, genuine, and untouched beauty. 

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New Comic: New Kids on The Block

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I was the new kid a lot growing up. This is a less-than-serious comic about how to treat new kids, who maybe you think are just a little bit weird.

Croatia: 4 Days to Go

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My husband and I are headed to Croatia with my parents and brothers for 13 days- My parents went there for their anniversary a few years ago and wanted to bring us all back because they enjoyed it so much. We will spending time in Venice and Padua for a few days as well- we'll be staying at some old estate and an old stable turned into an inn. (Taming of the Shrew anyone? Set in Padua) I CAN'T WAIT. I'll also be celebrating my birthday there.

Aren't these pictures beautiful? I want every building to have murals like the one above. Croatia is supposed to be really unique and pretty much untouched by tourism because it is a place that is less visited than others around Europe. I can't wait to sketch and take photos.

Today in church I remembered a quote by Joan of Arc- it was basically: Act and God will act (loi et Dieu agiront). Coincidentally there is also a similar saying in Croatian that goes like this:
Bog govori: pomozi si sam, pomoci cu ti.

Try saying that 5 times fast. Well maybe you can- but I truly love that quote in whichever language it is in. Have faith, do something, and God will help you. It's simple.

FWD: C.C.A.Christensen

Saturday, June 8, 2013

 This month's theme for Friends Who Draw is heroes and heroines. I chose C.C.A. Christensen for this week- and it's because he was my Great-great-great grandfather and was a painter from Denmark. I identify to him because he was gained notoriety from his artistic contributions to the LDS Church with his art about pioneers immigrating from Denmark to the USA. He is also someone I can't wait to meet when I die. He studied at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. I wrote an article here about him earlier this year. My grandfather has one of his original paintings which I of course love looking at it whenever I visit. I love that I carry on that artistic lineage in my veins!

New Comic: Crush Talk

Saturday, June 1, 2013

People can act like weirdos when they like someone... so here are a few tips if you've got a hankering after a special someone and you want to get their attention- the right way ;)

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