The Bonsai Who Lived.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I bought this bonsai tree yesterday. It had two leaves and several that were slowly coming back- it was in the sale section of the store. I decided to save it. Because obviously people weren't buying it because of it's little leafage. Poor guy. He has a bulbous cute body, and sits prettily in my studio window. I did learn today, however, that bonsai's normally don't like direct sunlight- but since it's fall, I'm hoping that it being in the window won't be too intense. They are also incredibly finicky with watering, so I've come up with a watering method, which I hope will work.

It's funny how plants- being living things- make me react in an emotional way. Like if it had been a puppy or a kitten- I felt drawn to it.  It's a living creature, and now, it's under my care.

I love him, and he WILL revive. I'm sure of it.


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