Beauty Redefined: Illustrations

Monday, January 6, 2014

I just finished up a series of illustrations for Beauty Redefined, which was created by these two wonderful women - Lindsay and Lexie Kite. They graduated with their PhD's in the study of media and body image. They have researched how the media directly influences women and the way we think about ourselves and our bodies. Everything they have studied is so fascinating- how women are taught to view themselves as they are being viewed, thus influencing the way they behave because of their fear of looking a certain way, how the media makes women feel low self-esteem, and how to gain back your sense of power, when we are living in a world that is training women to become powerless to their image. Their research covers everything from the sexualizing and objectification of women, to eating disorders, to ways to take back your own individual beauty. It's pretty incredible how they are pinpointing so many issue that are becoming normalized in our society and I'm so inspired by Lindsay and Lexie. For more information, plus a media fast, go here. I'm honored that my illustrations will be up and around their site and blog. 


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