Strawberry Flats

Saturday, January 18, 2014

When I was in High School in Beijing, China- I would scour the markets for a perfectly shaped ballet flat. At the time, the only ones that were available were the square-toed ones, or super pointy ones. I would draw the perfect pairs of shoes- but they never seemed to exist, unless they were an expensive pair of Belle by Sigerson Morrison. What I wanted was a classic Audrey Hepburn flat... which were hard to find at good Beijing prices. Sometimes I would find a pair,  and would feel triumphant and revel in the beautiful shape and style of it. Now they seem a lot more available (thankfully) because they are a definite staple in my wardrobe. What I love is coming across a good pair of vintage flats, that are unique because they literally are one of the few that are available. I found these and thought they'd be perfect to pair with strawberries and "She" and "Him" in French. When I was in Paris, I saw a bike with this little wooden crate on the back of it, and it said that phrase, "Elle et Lui" with an illustration of flowers next to it. I thought it was charming and tucked it away in my memory to use at some point of time. Now seemed appropriate to use it, especially for Valentine's Day. Plus, you can never have too many shoes (okay.. that's a lie but one I use when I justify buying a new pair..)

There's only one pair, and if you are the right size- they might be yours for the taking.


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