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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm working on a lino-cut and so far the block is looking a lot nicer than the actual print. Oh well!

When I was in High School in South Africa, I started IB Art early- in 9th grade instead of 11th. I got special permission from my teacher, who thought I could do it if I worked really hard. My time in South Africa wasn't the most pleasant, I think those two years were a hard start to my teen years. But my IB Art class and my best friend Tarryn saved me from going crazy. I delved into my class and got nothing but A's the whole two years (which is kind of how I live my life...things I like vs. things I dislike) I took this workshop with the older IB students where I learned how to do copper etching. It was during two weekends in Johannesburg, and it was a gorgeous process- the way the old masters would do it. Etching our intial design onto a copper plate, then putting chemicals on it to eat away the lines in the copper, then plunging it into another solution to stop the process. I comforted myself quite a bit with my art while I lived there.

Obviously lino-cut printing is much less complex, and takes a lot less time. But it made me remember that memory, and how even though those years were difficult, I still found joy in my art.


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