Matryoshka Doll Heels

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hand-painted Matryoshka Doll Heels now available online. Red leather "Naturalizer" brand, with wedge heels. See more photos here.

I spent 6 days on the Trans-Siberian train with my mother from Beijing to Moscow, Russia. It was amazing seeing how the countryside changed as we passed through Mongolia, Siberia, Lake Baikal, and then to our final destination. The train was full of different types of people, all interesting, and had a story of their own. A few hours before we arrived, I spent my time staring out the window. The sun was so bright that I actually burned my eyes and spent the next day putting eye-drops into them. We wandered the streets and ate delicious food and ice creams and commented on all of the incredible clothing and ritzy people wandering about.  I loved seeing how the city-dwellers dressed vs the country-side peasants. I adored the Russian designs and the traditional trinkets you could buy.

In Beijing there was also a Russian Market lined with fur shops. I loved going there in the fall- when it started to get crisp and cold. I also loved the influence of the Russian culture and imports they had there, mingled with the Chinese treats and goods. Once again, I was reminded of these memories, as I painted on the toes of these shoes.

Left & Bottom Photo: My Little Belleville
Right Photo: Jessica Peterson Photography


  1. Cute shoes. Your trip sounds fantastic.

    1. Thank you Kristen! It was so fun. Too much to put into one post!!



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