Dreamathon- The Dream Press Art Exhibit

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dreamathon hosted by The Dream Press Publishing Company opens TODAY at 5PM-10PM. You must go. They have recruited over 100 different artists to transform the old historic abandoned Granite High School into inspirational environments, murals, and rooms for kids and adults alike to tour and do activities in. This school is seriously incredible. I loved exploring it and seeing all of the old architecture and rooms. It was eerie how quiet it was- the library had books strewn all over. It was like the ghosts of these children were still walking the halls, but silently.

I was in charge of the Story Room, and did a 25 ft mural for it. This is just a small part of it. I also paired with artist Josh Sherman, who did another mural in the room as well 
(you'll have to come and see.. it's pretty rad)

Tomorrow night (Tuesday May 20) is also when all of the artists will be in their rooms from 5PM-10PM so you can come and meet them and even buy some of their work. 
I'll be there, so stop by and say hi if you can!

Please come and support. Read more here for more info. It's going to be a really cool week.

May 19 - 24
Granite High School
3305 S. 500 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Also this video shows you some cool footage of the school.


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