Launched! Georgie & Marie Lover's Eye Rings.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lover's Eye Rings have been around since the late 1700's. King George IV commissioned a miniature eye portrait to be done of his mistress Maria Fitzherbert, and wore it secretly behind his lapel. The trend seemed to take off. Eye portraits were painted by artists all over Europe, even entering the United States for some time. They weren't just painted for secret lovers- there were many that were painted of spouses, deceased children, or just as a remembrance of someone they loved. They were made into brooches, pins, pendants, rings, and small boxes.

Georgie & Marie eye and portrait rings are now available in my shop. I have collaborated with Malinda Fisher of Desert Rose Jewelry, who is hand-crafting all of the settings. They will be available in brass, silver, and gold. Each one of these are copies of old antique Georgian Eye rings, painted with oils and sealed with resin. I have also begun to do miniature portraits as well. If you are interested in a commissioned eye or miniature portrait, please click here.

Every single hand-crafted setting is unique, and you may now find them here in my shop. I'm incredibly grateful to have such a talented person as Malinda to work with! And these rings have been an idea I've been working towards for the past few months.

Jessica Peterson took these beautiful photos above. I have also been so lucky to have her as my friend and collaborative over the past few years. Her work is magic.

The logo was crafted from an old wood-block print of a lemon tree I saw at the Victoria & Albert Museum here in London. I then added faces to emphasize the rings and the people they represent. In the Middle Ages, the lemon tree symbolized adoration, commitment, fidelity, and romance. Lemons were a common component in love potions. If a woman dreams of lemons, it portends good luck in relationships.

And so with that, your ring can be any of those things. Even if it's a secret lover. Just choose wisely!

Rings: My Little Belleville
Photography: Jessica Peterson Photography
Dress: Maeberry Vintage
Ring Settings: Malinda Fisher of Desert Rose Jewelry


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