The Plum Tree Monster

Friday, October 3, 2014

My very first children's book will be out at the end of the month!! I've been published before, but just as an illustrator- and this is the first book I've actually written AND illustrated myself. It's a darker book- based on a recurring nightmare I had when I was a kid. I've been working on this story and idea for a few years and now it's a reality.

 I'm so excited to share more with you.
Pre-orders and signings will take place next week. So GET READY.

The weather here in London btw... couldn't be nicer. 
I think people were lying to us when they said London had bad weather. 
We're still waiting for it. I hope it never comes! 

We're also still waiting on moving into our new apartment. ONE MORE WEEK!! Meanwhile.. we'll continue going on amazing art tours and seeing all the free museums.
 This place is awesome.



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