Black Friday Secrets

Thursday, November 27, 2014

So I'm going to tell you guys a secret.... it's a code...a secret discount code to use in our shop 
 at Midnight!
Because who doesn't love a deal on Black Friday?
 (and let's be real...sometimes the deals aren't good... but this one is!)

Click HERE and like us (insert big wide-eyed emoticon)
These little guys above are going to be part of it too.
 See their excitement? (They've just got good poker-faces)

Happy Thanksgiving. 
I'm grateful for these past two years of creating, for my husband, for my cat, for the opportunity to be here in England. For my family, and for my beliefs. For my incredible view of the city and the lights, for new-beginnings, and new endeavors. I love life. I am so blessed. 
And everyone who has helped me through those certain moments in my life.....

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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