Hammersmith Bridge in Oils

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I live by Hammersmith Bridge, and walk, run, or bike to it almost every day.
 It's always a sight for sore eyes. 
It was first built in 1827 and has since then been updated, and the structure re-done to make it stronger. It is a lovely green color, surrounded by old pubs and gorgeous riverside houses. There is a pub we go to called The Dove that Hemingway and Thomas Moore 
are said to have frequented quite a bit too.
I am determine to paint it in it's various times of day. I'm so lucky to live by such a beautiful river. William Hogarth, the painter, was said to have lived in my area, and I can see how inspiring a place it is to draw and paint! I'm hoping to do many paintings while being here.

And that's my Grandma Christensen by the way, in the frame next to my painting. She is beautiful and lively in that photo. This is before she got sick. She died while I was quite young, and was very ill during the last years of her life. This photo gives me a constant remembrance of who I have come after, the life and the joy of my relatives, who are still watching over me, and want me to succeed.


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