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Monday, May 4, 2015

We just got back from our trip to Florence and Pisa. 
It was beautiful, and the weather was lovely-- a bit overcast, but warm nonetheless. We did so much! We walked 10 miles almost every day, and had gorgeous pizza, pasta, and at least one gelato a day! We saw the David, and the Torre di Pisa, and spent a nice evening listening to a Pink Floyd cover band next to the Duomo for Notte Blanca-- (White Night - the night before May Day where everyone stays up until 4 AM) We rented bikes and had a nice scenic bike ride around a park, visited Fiesole, and even saw the ocean in Viaraggio, near Pisa. We just got to know Florence and Pisa a little bit. What a beautiful place Italy is. I've been a few times, and love it. There is just a pace there that is nice, and everyone is so friendly and seem so happy.

Till our next adventure! (which is coming up in June...)


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