Chinese New Year 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

 For many across the world today, there will be the giving of gifts, money-filled hong bao (red envelopes) new outfits, and little mini orange trees. Fire works and festivals, lion and dragon dances will fill the streets, all to celebrate good luck and fortune for this coming year.

As an American child, growing up in China, I loved these festivals. When we lived in Hong Kong, we would sometimes go over to Macau, to see the fireworks and festivals. Some of the most spectacular fireworks I've ever seen were at the harbor overlooking Kowloon. I remember my mother, an international school teacher, receiving many little orange trees and baskets of fruit. In school, we would learn and sing the classic "Gong xi, Gong xi" song and perform them in our own festivals for school.

My rich Chinese friends would come to school the next week (after our week off) telling me of the envelopes of money received from relatives and grandparents. In Beijing we would buy stadium-sized fireworks for a few hundred kuai, and set them off in the large barren fields surrounding our house. There were always markets selling candied fruits, clothing, and goodies for the festivities. It was just an overall wonderful time of year.

While in London this past year, I would visit Chinatown often to get my fill of Pocky and Boba tea. There was a shop there that was full of lucky cats, all waving their little hands, signaling in wealth and fortune. Growing up, I would see these little cats all over Asia, and the world, in shops, in homes. It is a nostalgic symbol for me, and this is why I designed this tee-shirt. Not only to signify our desire for monetary gain ;) but also to give you that extra little bit of luck and happiness for the year. And maybe, remind you, that you can find luck in some of the most ordinary places.

These tees are screen-printed onto 100% cotton. They are in stock and ready to be sent to you, so find them here:

Happy Year of The Monkey!

(Check here for your own Chinese horoscope.)

Gong xi fa cai! 恭禧發財

Photos by Jessica Peterson Photography


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