Black Friday Sale.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I've never been a huge Black Friday person... I have really only done it twice truthfully. (Although today I ended up buying a pretty great dress!) City Creek was dead at 7:00 am which surprised me- I was in DC last year and it was nuts- some of the shops refused to open until the crowd stopped pushing against the gates and formed lines. This year I was sure the new mall here would be packed. But I guess most people were tired after shopping all night the night before. I saw on the news one lady brought a U-Haul truck to Toy R Us which I thought was excessive... (Who are these people!?)

On another note- Belleville is having it's own Black Friday sale. Check out my new work on etsy. 15% off of all new plates, prints, mugs. Use coupon code: BLACKCATFRIDAY. It's good till Sunday.

Happy shopping and a Happy Thanksgiving :)



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