FWD- Amelia

Saturday, July 20, 2013

 Did they ever find her plane? 
I found this online- in a month or so they will have more proof of what happened to Amelia. It is suspected that she and her navigator Fred Noonan made a forced crash landing on a coral reef near Gardner island, where they lived and died- it was 350 miles away from their original destination- Howland Island. They have old photos they are trying to use, and there was recorded a skeleton found on the island too- which was about 5 ft 5 and mostly likely female than male.
Whaaaat! Amazing!! 
As a kid, I always found this story so fascinating. And terrifying. Imagine being the first woman to fly around the world, then actually disappearing from off the face of the world- your end unknown to the world for 75 years. And JUST now, they are beginning to find out what really happened to her. 
What a neat thing.


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