The Plum Tree Monster- Now Available!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Book Launch Day!

The Plum Tree Monster is the perfect book to premiere on Halloween because it's a bit of a darker story. It was based on a recurring nightmare I had as a kid.
The monster in it is one I saw exactly in my dream.
 It's meant to be dark humor though, (so don't be afraid of it scaring your kids)
 They'll enjoy it I think!

It is ready to be purchased here. Monday it will be available on I hope you enjoy it, and that your kids will too. Please write a review once you've read it, I want to hear feedback.

We'll begin having readings around London too, if you are in town. 
I hope you will come and say hi. I'll post reading dates on here soon.

Thanks for all of the support already-- I've been so lucky to have it.



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