Skchbk Lndn Concerts!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Last night my thoughtful and music-loving husband took me to the London Philharmonia Orchestra. We dressed the part (complete with fur.. .....okay faux fur) and head on over to the Royal Festival Hall on Southbank. It was beautiful. The first song they played was Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess.. I almost cried. Mostly because I had been told that all they were playing was Stravinsky, but they played three Ravel pieces, that one being one of them. It was gorgeous. The piano man sketched below is playing Ravel's Piano Concerto for Left Hand... so he only used his left hand. It was nuts! During intermission we went out on the balcony overlooking the river and Big Ben. After the whole concert we walked home in the rain and just marveled at the beautiful city around us. London!

Here are some of the sketches in a compilation above, and below are the ones that I thought I'd give you a better look at. Also... cello's are freaking hard to draw.


  1. this may be a double post, but i love your figures so much! you do such a good job with different motion and stillness types of lines. the quiet and the wild!



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