Go Jane Give

Thursday, April 14, 2016

While in London, I had the privilege of meeting Lindsey Phillips, co-founder of the non-profit ogranization Go Jane Give. As a working artist, she wanted to feature some photos on their site of me and my workspace. I was flattered, so photographer Kjrsten Madsen came to our little flat in Chiswick and we did a photo session there. As I heard more about the concept for this non-profit, I immediately wanted to be more involved.

 Go Jane Give is a non-profit organization, where women worldwide can use their talents and interests to create large (or small!) campaigns to raise money for different causes featured on their site. You can host a bake-sale, write personalized poetry, teach a yoga class, host a workshop, plan a talent show, anything you can think of to raise money for your specific cause. Your money will then go towards the cause you choose: help support refugees, stop child-trafficking, fight hunger, educate women worldwide, or build a life-saving business.

I know so many women every day, who work tirelessly towards doing good in their every day lives. It is not always a big deal to them, but I see them contribute as mothers, carers, nuturers, teachers, workers. These are women who want and do make a difference. Go Jane Give is a platform to help those type of women to use their daily endeavors to make an even larger contribution to the world.

All you have to do is sign up, choose your cause, and decide what it is you want to do to raise money, large or small. It's really up to you.

I'll be starting my campaign soon. What will yours be? Click here for more.

Photography by the wonderful Kjrsten Madsen



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