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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I spent a few days in Philadelphia and I got to enjoy the city a little bit. I head straight from the airport to The Philadelphia Museum of Art so I could soak in some of the beautiful art before it closed. I couldn't believe how many gorgeous pieces they had there-- my favorite impressionists all in one place. It was beautiful and wonderful.

I spent the rest of the time eating at delicious restaurants like Parc (see above sketches) The tree picture is right in front of the restaurant. I felt like I was in Paris, and that Francophile in me was very pleased, as I indulged in escargot (the last time I ate it was a while ago when I first lived in Paris)
 and it was trés authentique. I also had a nice trout, bread, and citron pressé. 

I visited Anthropologie headquarters and got a tour. What beautiful offices they have. They are right in this Naval Yard, so you see all of these aircraft carriers anchored in the harbor. Their offices are beautiful and just flooded with light, some so much so, that they need Thai beach umbrellas propped up over their spaces so they can see their computer monitors.
 It added a very cool look to the place. 


  1. Philadelphia is a beautiful city in itself and it's Philadelphia Museum of Art is another remarkable place with such mindful artists in one place. No doubt their artwork is too good to be gorgeous and jaw dropping.

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